Our Products and Services

Windward Group International’s mission is to provide MRO services, distribution of parts, PMAs and engineering consulting services to the aviation industry.

MRO Services

Airline Accessory Service Company (AASCO)

FAA Repair Station L0KR782Y, EASA 145.5503 Certification.

  • Airline Accessory Service Company includes the repair and overhaul of galley equipment, including but not limited to refrigerators and air chillers. Also within their approved capabilities they overhaul starters, oxygen/regulators, fire extinguishers, wheels and brakes.

  • Full Machine Shop.

  • NAS 410 Level III MPI, FPI and ET Services.

  • Pick-up and delivery in many areas.

  • Service to commercial, regional and business aviation customers. 

Aviation Parts Distribution and PMA Components

  • JIT Inventory Programs

  • Cost Reduction Programs

  • Long & Short Term Fixed Price Contracts

  • Contract Purchasing and Logistic Distribution

  • BFE Programs and Consignment Stocking Agreements 

Aviation Components Sales:

Our team provides aviation lighting for commercial, transport helicopter, military and business aviation customers:

  • Aircraft interior and exterior lighting

  • Seat lighting products, including wall-reading lamps, seat number lamps, etc.

  • Beam Lighting, status indicators, instrumentation, inspection, navigation and anti-collision lighting.

Windward also provides the following distributed items along with PMA:

  • Filtration system and equipment for commercial helicopters, military and business aviation customers

  • Safety items

  • Batteries

  • Comfort systems 

Engineering Services:

  • PMA projects often require the use of contracted engineering services.

  • FAA and other government entities consultation services.

  • Windward Group International provides consultation and guidance to companies wishing to obtain PMA approval.

  • Windward Group International has the capabilities to design, engineer, analyze, fabricate and test virtually any system, structure or component for our clients.

Technology Services:

Our Technology services drive and transform organization processes that help increase company operational and financial performance.

Our Technical services include:

  • IT Advisory Consulting

  • Consulting and Program management

  • Contingent Sourcing Technical services

  • Enterprise Mobility solutions

  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

  • IT Cloud Infrastructure Framework Support

  • Change Management – Study, Define, Implement to-be Technology and software

Application Development Management

We have complete End-to-End ERP core competencies including SAP and Oracle, Microsoft Azure, AWS, .NET, Java and other Emerging technologies.

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