Technology Services


Product Name  Description Value Proposition

Primoris LibrePLM
LibrePLM – Integrate CAD designs, review, approve with e-signature, control, and validation process, with activities, chatter, and action rules. Streamline Engineering and Procurement processes to quicken product development cycles.

Document Management
Using Odoo as the foundation streamline Document management and costs. Odoo includes validation, email integration and Collaborate with e-signature. Quality, Contracts, Production documentation and Accounting all benefit from a central document repository.

Mobile Development
Increase customer engagement. Customer loyalty can be increased with Improve field operations.

Enterprise Analytics
Manage massive amounts of data. Improved insights of Sales and internal Operations Predictive Analytics to highlight actions to take Mitigate Risk
Share Data real-time
Maximize Sales and Marketing Spend.

Payments Integration
Integrate eCommerce payments. Reduce payment costs and errors with improved security.